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Restaurant Delivery Dispatch

Restaurant Delivery Solutions

Gain More Control and Boost Sales with Restaurant Delivery


Decrease Errors

With easy driver and delivery management features, you can ensure orders are delivered on-time and accurately.


Cut Costs

Optimize delivery operations to increase speed and organization so that your team can work more productively.


Boost Revenue

Delight customers and provide the experiences they crave even when they can’t visit your physical restaurant location.

Cutting-Edge Delivery Dispatch

Simplify Your Delivery Operations

  • Text delivery drivers with instructions and provide turn-by-turn mapping to streamline deliveries.
  • Quickly add or remove drivers, assign and dispatch delivery orders, and view assignments.
  • Fully integrate your own delivery or over 40+ 3rd-party delivery services into your POS

How Delivery Benefits Your Business

Whether it’s orders, experiences, or expectations, you can deliver!



Connect your delivery operations to your kitchen display, loyalty program and other critical business systems.



Reduce costs for labor and extend your delivery zones when you integrate with 3rd-party delivery services.



Decrease errors in your delivery services by optimizing your operations with delivery instructions and tracking.

Renowned Service and Expert Support

Mercer Sales & Service Offers the Local Support You Need

Experience: Mercer Sales has been providing critical POS and time & attendance solutions to restaurants and retailers since 1950.

Guidance: We offer everything you need right from the start, from identifying a solution, to installation, training, and support.

Reliability: Mercer Sales is available with on-site support as needed, as well as round-the-clock remote assistance and fast responses.

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