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About Us

An Established Retail and Restaurant POS Provider in Philadelphia

Since 1950, Mercer Sales & Service, a Heartland Diamond Dealer, has provided retail and restaurant point of sale (POS) and time and attendance solutions to independent restaurants and small retailers in the Philadelphia area, throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the southern tier of New York. Our product line has expanded from cash registers to include today’s state-of-the-art POS systems and badge or biometric time clock systems. We also sell and service many time clocks and business machines, and carry used and refurbished equipment.

Mercer Sales is committed to providing you with only the finest quality commercial grade equipment. We partner with industry leaders, such as Heartland, to equip your business with POS software and additional POS features and functionality you need to succeed in today’s competitive retail and restaurant environment. Mercer Sales backs the solutions we sell with excellent customer service and support.

The Benefits of Working with a Local POS Provider

Choosing Mercer Sales for your POS system means you have a dedicated partner, locally owned and operated, that’s invested in helping you reach your business goals. As a retail and restaurant POS provider based in Philadelphia, we can provide in-person service to our customers, who are only a short drive away.

Our long-standing history of providing solutions to retailers and restaurateurs has given us a wealth of experience on the industry and how to get the most out of technology to help you succeed. Our customers rely on us as a resource for this information, as well as on the fast, complete and consistent service we provide after the sale.

For more information, please give us a call at 570-346-0358