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Self Service Restaurant Kiosk

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Self Service Restaurant Kiosks

Offer Better Customer Experiences and Improved Productivity

Lines can frustrate hungry diners, so you can reduce wait times by introducing self service restaurant kiosks. Kiosks slash wait times by having customers input their own selections, guaranteeing faster order entry. Give your customers the ability to have more control over their experience, and ensure orders are accurate every time. Kiosks remove the middle-man, so orders are delivered quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Self service restaurant kiosks prompt customers with upsell opportunities during every transaction, increasing sales revenue. Since customers are able to serve themselves, you can save on labor costs, and free up employees to focus on fulfilling orders on time Leverage kiosks to help you provide customer experiences that keep guests coming back again and again. Our software easily integrates with self-service kiosks, so you can enjoy simple and effective management, and improved productivity.

Advantages of Self Service Restaurant Kiosks


Increased Revenue

  • Self-service kiosks allow you to serve more guests faster, especially during peak times.
  • Automated cross/upselling encourages customers to try new items or add sides and drinks, increasing the average ticket size.
  • Kiosks are an additional sales channel, giving people the option to input their order or wait for an employee.

Improve Customer Experience

  • Self-order kiosks keep lines moving, reducing waits even during the busiest shifts.
  • Orders flow from the customer to the kitchen, so diners receive the right order every time.
  • User-friendly technology ensures that patrons can place orders quickly and easily.
  • Inputting selections directly into a kiosk eliminates extra steps and mistakes.

Reduce Labor Cost

  • Kiosks give you the flexibility to reallocate labor where it’s needed.
  • Moving employees around as necessary means improved workflow and fewer kitchen backups.
  • Self-ordering technology reduces strain on staff, improves productivity and enables you to make sure people are doing the right jobs at the right time, maximizing payroll dollars.

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