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Restaurant Online Ordering

Industry-Leading Online Ordering Solutions

While restaurant online ordering was steadily rising in popularity before, the pandemic has undoubtedly caused online order sales to soar. Now a go-to method for customers who wish to practice social distancing, online ordering helps keep customers safe and gives them the added convenience of ordering from anywhere—including from the safety of their homes.

Given its current popularity, online ordering is projected to remain in demand long after the pandemic has ended, making it a worthwhile investment for restaurant owners. An online ordering system will help to streamline operations and bring value and convenience to the customer experience by eliminating erroneous orders and providing customers with options for dine-in, pick-up, or delivery. Elevate your online ordering platform by customizing your solution to match your branding and create a seamless experience across all channels.

Mercer Sales & Service has been helping restaurants in the Berks County area and beyond leverage their online ordering through their Heartland POS system to provide a better customer experience and boost their bottom line.

Discover the Advantages of Online Ordering


Expand your Online Presence

Gain more recognition with your customers and increase the reach of your brand by allowing customers to find your menu and place orders online and through any mobile device.


Customer Satisfaction

Broaden your customer base in Berks County and beyond by providing more options for customers that are pressed for time and crave an easy, secure, and convenient way for them to order ahead of time.


Increase Order Accuracy

Reduce order errors from servers re-entering information over the phone by allowing customers to enter their own orders, which are then sent directly to the POS and kitchen.


Get Noticed On the ToGoOrder.com Marketplace.

Now that you have the most advanced mobile and restaurant online ordering technology, we want to help promote your brand to new customers. You receive free placement on the ToGoOrder.com marketplace. Ask about how you can attract new on-the-go customers.

Discover the Advantages of Mobile and Online POS Network

Online and Mobile Ordering Features


Seamless Integration

Your restaurant will generate additional revenue by giving customers the ability to view your menu and place orders online. Part of the Heartland Restaurant POS platform at no additional charge, your business can implement online ordering seamlessly, with no software “patches,” or extra costs involved.


No Third Parties

No need to give a cut of the profits to a middle man for every order. These solutions are included at no extra cost to you.


Consistent Branding

Set up your solutions to look like your website, with the same branding and elements you already use for a cohesive customer experience. Owners can easily and instantly update menu items and pricing as needed.

Adding Delivery to Online Ordering


Delivery Service Integration

With Heartland Restaurant, you can connect with up to 48 different delivery services, whether you have a restaurant in Berks County or a chain of restaurants across the nation you can incorporate UberEats, Grubhub, DoorDash®, and Postmates. Don’t want to pay third-party fees or commissions? Run your own deliveries with our built-in features.


Delivery Dispatch

Assigning orders to drivers is as easy as “drag and drop” and dispatching deliveries is a snap via text messaging. Delivery Dispatch even makes viewing and printing directions, adding or removing drivers, and viewing order assignments a breeze.

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