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Heartland Gift Processing

Grow Your Business with Gift Cards

Increase Revenue and Brand Awareness

Gift cards never cease to be a popular option during gift-giving events and holidays, and for good reason. This universally-appealing gift provides a much-needed solution for people who are difficult to shop for — as well as a boost in profits for restaurants, regardless of whether or not the cards are ever used.

Meet the demand for gift cards and increase revenues with Heartland’s advanced Gift solution. This affordable solution provides you with custom gift cards, complete with your name and logo, as well as the software to effectively manage and market your gift card program.

The Many Advantages of Heartland Gift

The Gift Card Program Designed for Success


Increased Revenue

Customers often spend more than the original value of a gift card when redeeming it. Gift cards offer guaranteed revenue regardless of whether or not they are used by recipients.


Brand Awareness

Attractive designs, customized with your logo, helps promote your brand to a larger customer base. Gift card recipients are more motivated to visit your restaurant because they have money to spend.


Improved Customer Service

Gift cards are popular for birthdays, special events, corporate giveaways, and especially holidays. Meet your customers’ demands by offering gift cards year-round.


Simplified Gift Card Management

Easily convert your existing gift card program, access marketing tutorials, and manage customers and accounts through this cloud-based software.


Equip Yourself with an Effective Gift Card Solution

  • Ongoing marketing support
  • Cloud-based customer data management
  • Bulk loading and card customization
  • Fully-managed program conversions
  • Marketing resources and best practices guidelines
  • Detailed reporting for multi-site card usage
  • Account settlement services
  • No IT services needed for setup or configuration

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