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Heartland Gift Processing

Helping you acquire more loyal customers with our innovative gift card program. You can personalize your own gift cards, offer reloading capabilities and use a card-not-present program that allows your customers to use their phone number as their identifier.

Gift Card Features


Customized Cards

Set your brand apart with customized gift cards. Personalize our standard merchant cards with pre-printed designs or create custom cards.


Reduce Interchange Fees

Gift cards offer more than convenience, they also help reduce payment processing fees, which can significantly benefit high-frequency, low-ticket businesses.



Our gift card program offers same high level of security that is synonymous with Heartland. Unlike paper certificates, our cards have built-in features that help prevent fraudulent card activity.


Lock in Customer Funds

We offer reloadable gift cards for businesses of all shapes and sizes to keep them coming back. When customers load funds onto your gift card, they are more likely to continue purchasing from you.