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Cash Register Express Retail Point of Sale

The Top POS for Philadelphia Area Retailers

Running your retail store, both its physical location and your online presence will be much more manageable with Cash Register Express by Heartland. Plus, with its comprehensive reporting you will be able to make highly strategic business decisions about purchasing, labor scheduling and promotions with this retail point of sale software.

Choose Cash Register Express Retail Point of Sale

Make the Sale

Making a sale has never been easier and processing payments has never been more secure. With the simple tap on the touchscreen or a bar code scan, cashiers can ring up items quickly to keep lines moving. Quick tender keys make cash sales simple and swipe capabilities accept credit and gift cards immediately.

Attract More Customers

Motivate shoppers to buy with you over and over again and encourage new customers with Cash Register Express. It has loyalty program and marketing tools built right in, making it effortless to track loyalty trends and market directly to your customer base.

Leverage eCommerce

In the era of clicks and bricks you can embrace an omnichannel retail model with Cash Register Express. Create an online store that pulls product information, pricing and stock levels directly from your retail point of sale. Then watch the orders roll in and sync automatically with your POS.

Track Inventory

Inventory visibility is the key to keeping costs down and revenue up. Inside Cash Register Express you’ll find everything you need to track, manage and monitor your inventory. With integrated purchasing functionality you can track vendor lists, manage item costs and generate and receive purchase orders too.

Reduce Fraud and Theft

The number one headache of retailers everywhere, employee theft, customer fraud and retail shrink need to be combated. Having a POS like Cash Register Express is your first line of defense against these profit robbers with features like strict cash controls, ability to connect a security camera and employee restrictions on the cash register. On the back end, run reports to pinpoint areas of concern like inventory discrepancies or excessive voids and discounts.

Manage Labor

Your employees are your most valuable asset and one of the most expensive. Having the ability to efficiently staff your store, have employees clock in and for you to run payroll are retail point of sale must-haves for a successful business.

Use Heartland’s Cash Register Express No Matter What You Sell

Scalable Retail POS for Single or Multi-Site Stores

  • Convenience stores
  • Grocery & Supermarket
  • Gift shops & museum shops
  • Car washes
  • Florists
  • Cellular & Electronics
  • Tobacco stores

  • Apparel \ clothing
  • Liquor stores
  • Book stores
  • Dollar & Discount stores
  • Video game & music stores
  • Video & equipment rental
  • Restaurants & Delis

If you are a retailer within a 100-mile radius of Philadelphia Speak with a Mercer Sales & Service representative to discuss how you can get Cash Register Express into your stores.