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Heartland Payroll

Simplify Human Resources and Payroll Management

With multiple employees to track and schedules to monitor, labor and payroll management can take a significant amount of time and focus. Spending too much time on payroll can keep you from other responsibilities, including providing the experiences that keep customers coming back.

Heartland Payroll, offered by Mercer Sales & Service, can help you take care of labor and payroll management efficiently and accurately. Built for businesses of any size, this human resources administrator tool helps you easily onboard employees, disburse paychecks automatically, and manage data, so you can rest easy knowing all of your bases are covered.

Benefits of Payroll Management

Heartland Payroll is a cutting-edge, scalable solution capable of effectively managing labor and payroll whether you have one location or many. This practical and affordable labor management solution gives you the tools you need to reach success.


Prevent Costly Errors

Identify miscalculations in employee wages, taxes, or adjustments. Automatically document and fulfill legal requirements for wages and tips.


Easily Manage Labor

Onboard employees quickly and easily, saving time and resources. Track time and attendance with pinpoint accuracy using web-based tools.


Protect Your Data

Bank-level security against threats keeps data safe, while 24/7 online access to payroll data allows you to closely monitor sensitive information.

Pre-Employment Solutions

Benefits of Payroll Management

Post jobs to a variety of job boards, receive applications, schedule and conduct interviews, and identify top candidates throughout the process.

Onboarding System

Reduce time to hire by as much as 90%potentially saving a week each year if you typically hire several employees.

WOTC Determination & Processing

Screen new employees to determine work opportunity tax credit (WOTC) eligibility.

Time and Attendance

Labor Distribution

Track your employees’ hours efficiently and view data to help with scheduling.

Time Collection

Choose from a variety of options for time clocks, including manual punches, proximity badges, or biometric technologies.

Schedule Management

Build schedules and track late arrivals, early departures, or unplanned absences.

PTO Management

Track accrued paid time off, record time used, calculate time available, and manage requests and approvals.


Generate reports on overtime, labor by department, exceptions, absences, and more.

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