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Heartland Payroll

Providing employee payroll services to entrepreneurs ranging in size from small to large. Whether you are looking for a turnkey payroll service for your expanding employee base or offering a 401(k) for the first time, our full-service employee payroll services and HR services for all businesses offers reliable solutions you can trust.

Payroll Features


HR Support Center

This is your single online source for critical HR materials, including customizable documents for hiring, managing and paying employees. You’ll also receive personalized alerts as well as advice to keep you current on laws, regulations and court decisions that could impact your business.


Employee Files

The last thing on your mind is keeping track of paper documents. Minimize printing costs and paper cuts with our built-in electronic employee file system so your data is always available and secure.


Our Info Center

This online tool offers completely secure access to payroll records, messages, schedules, policies, job-related websites and more.


Business Partner Reporting

Running a business involves the expertise of many different players. We offer private and secure access to data for your CPA, insurance broker, financial advisor and benefits administrator.


General Ledger Connection

Save time and prevent costly errors with a general ledger export tool that automatically generates balanced entries compatible with your accounting software. This feature also allows you to give direct, secure access to your accountant.



Track your employees’ time and attendance accurately and easily. All data imports seamlessly into our online payroll management system for the ultimate convenience.


My Section 125

Get big savings for you and your employees with a tax-free benefit program that allows employees to use pre-tax dollars to pay for certain insurance premiums, medical expenses, dependent care expenses and work-related commuter expenses.


HR Services On-Demand

Get access to a certified HR professional for help whenever you need it. This HR service provides guidance when employee issues arise and helps you stay on top of the latest employment-related laws, regulations and court decisions.