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Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Software for Targeted, Effective, Successful Campaigns

Inspire loyalty and increase your revenue with better marketing software. Email is a powerful, dynamic way for you to connect with your customers, and turn them into regulars. Take your marketing to the next level by investing in the software that delivers email promotions to your customers, manages your contacts, tracks campaign performance, and generates thorough reports. With email marketing, you can strategically promote your business and grow your revenue.

Save time and energy while implementing smarter marketing strategies. Email Marketing, available through Mercer Sales gives you the professional marketing tools and functions you need to implement, track, and benefit from a successful email marketing campaign.

Business Benefits of Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing is designed to meet your needs and help you run your business easily and successfully.
Email marketing software provides a wide range of business benefits.


Better Security

Promotional emails offering unique coupons can fortify your business against coupon fraud.


Deeper Insight into Effectiveness

Comprehensive data analytics allow you to measure the success or failure of each email campaign to determine what’s most effective.


Increased Revenue

Personalizing and targeting marketing campaigns are more effective than impersonal promotions.



With all of your marketing in one central location, you can condense and simplify your efforts to save time and energy.

Email Marketing Features

  • Performance Dashboard: View how email campaigns are performing and look into marketing analytics via a single dashboard.
  • Secure Coupons: Reduce fraudulent activity by assigning unique codes to each coupon sent through the system.
  • Customer Sign Up: Automatically grow your mailing list and bring in new customers with integrated forms.
  • Segmentation: Easily target customers with personalized offers and custom promotions by utilizing strategic segmentation tools.

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