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Mobile Manager

Manage Your Business Anytime, from Anywhere

Business owners and managers know the struggle of keeping an eye on operations when they are required to step out of the office. Without access to important data and management tools, things can easily go awry. Mobile manager, offered by Mercer Sales & Service provides you with all the features and functionality you need to run a tight ship from anywhere, at any time, via your mobile device.

Mobile Manager gives you 24/7 access to all of the capabilities of on-site business management. View all of your POS data in real-time, receive actionable alerts about sales, labor, discounts, and more. Maintain complete control over your business operations and keep it running smoothly and seamlessly no matter where you are.

Key Business Benefits

Mobile Manager Makes Business Sense

Mobile management capabilities are available for Apple and Android mobile devices. Even your smartwatch can connect for full
remote management capabilities. Set your criteria for push notifications and stay informed.



Experience peace of mind, knowing you can maintain complete control over business operations while you’re away.



Access important data and monitor your business while you step out of the office.



Customize your alerts and enable staff to communicate with you, so you can take charge when issues arise.



Know when fraudulent activities and undesirable trends occur so you can protect your business from loss and theft.

Mobile Manager Features

Cutting-edge Technology for Effective Management

  • Multiple location management from a single app
  • Alerts that notify you of unusual or suspicious activity
  • Visibility into key sales and labor metrics
  • In-depth reporting based on your preferences
  • Compatible with iOS v10 or Android 6 or higher
  • Smartwatch integration

Ready to learn more about Mobile Manager? Contact Mercer Sales & Service to find out how your business can benefit from having 24/7 business management capabilities at your fingertips.