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Heartland Restaurant

Cutting-Edge Restaurant Cloud-Based Point of Sale

Heartland Restaurant Allows You to Quickly Adapt Your Business

As restaurants continue to adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic, and prepare for business operations post-pandemic, it is crucial to offer the following solutions:

  • Touch-free payment
  • Efficient and effective online ordering
  • Curbside pickup
  • Online gift card sales

Heartland Restaurant provides you with all of these options, and continues to evolve along with your business.

Heartland Restaurant Offers Convenience and Flexibility

Heartland Restaurant is an intuitive restaurant point of sale system that combines user-friendly Apple iPads with rich and powerful features. It re-envisions POS for a variety of restaurant environments, and includes valuable features like waitlist management, customer engagement, conversational ordering, and much more.

Discover the Latest in Mobile and Online POS Technology

Why Choose Cloud-Based Point of Sale?

Point of Sale

Self Order Kiosk

Online Ordering

Guest Application

Gift & Loyalty

The Advantages of Leveraging Heartland Restaurant

  • Increased visibility: Heartland Restaurant allows you to see comprehensive sales reports, inventory information, and employee information in real time from anywhere, so you can make the most out of the work day
  • Increased profitability: Better cloud-based point of sale technology means staff can turn tables faster, without sacrificing service or making guests feel rushed. More customer throughput = higher profitability.
  • Decreased training time: Easy-to-use touch screens eliminate clicking between pages or fumbling with peripherals. Heartland Restaurant’s graphical, intuitive interface makes training a breeze, reducing the amount of time needed for employees to become comfortable and confident at the POS.

Features that Grow Your Business

Cloud-Based Point of Sale Gives You Tools You Need – At Your Fingertips

  • Cloud Management: Access restaurant data anytime, anywhere, from any Internet-connected device.
  • Ordering: Capture orders on handheld tablets, kiosks and online. Orders are immediately sent to the kitchen and prioritized so they are served hot and fresh.
  • Sync Servers and Kitchen: Provide prep stations with a consolidated view of all open orders coming from tables, counter, kiosk and online so cooks can pace meals perfectly.
  • Host Waitlist: Send guests a text message on their phone when a table is ready.
  • Gift Cards: Load cards, accept cards for payments, and conduct balance inquiries.
  • Loyalty Programs: Customize your loyalty program with an integrated mobile application so customers can track and redeem loyalty points.
  • Failsafe Cloud Security: Automatically backup and securely encrypt data. If the Internet goes down, your restaurant can still take orders, process payments and print tickets.

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