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Heartland Payment Processing

Process any Payment Quickly and Securely

Heartland payment processing, available through Mercer Sales & Service gives your business the capability to quickly process payments, no matter where you are or what payment method your customers are using. Mobilize your employees and bust lines by accepting payments on any device, whether a tablet, virtual terminal, point of sale (POS) terminal, or mobile phone. Payment processing from Heartland provides mobility and security so you can do business anywhere.

Benefits of Heartland Payment Processing

Help grow your business, gain customers, and keep payment transactions safe.
Whether in-store, online, or off-site, Heartland technology supports secure transactions.


Secure Credit Card Processing

EMV, end-to-end encryption and tokenization backed by a comprehensive breach warranty protects your business and your customers.


Next-Day Funding

Receive money from all credit card transactions within one business day, regardless of bank relationships.


Interchange-Plus Pricing

Stay in the know when it comes to interchange rates and Heartland fees with full disclosures and transparency.


Integrated Payments

Enjoy seamless integration with your current POS, so you can experience easy payment processing without any hassle.

Payment Processing Features

  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Consolidated statements
  • Free account reviews
  • Flexible payment options
  • Full-service e-commerce platform

Interesting in learning more? Contact Mercer Sales & Service to find out how you can benefit from Heartland Payment Processing.