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Guest List

Guest List: Balance Walk-Ins and Reservations Like a Pro

An outstanding customer experience doesn’t begin once the customer is seated – it starts the minute they open your website, dial your number, or enter into your building. If customers experience difficulties while making reservations or waiting to be seated, a five-star review can quickly turn into a single-star rant. With Guest List, you can ensure every customer has a great experience that begins the moment they decide to dine at your restaurant. This intuitive reservation management system provides wait list, seating, and online reservation management, so you can seat customers faster, and with more convenience.

Rotate seating and evenly spread out reservations so that servers can work efficiently, or reconfigure seating on your display when you entertain large groups. Guest List equips you and your staff to expertly manage your dining area even on your busiest days.


Business Benefits of Wait List and Reservation Management


Better Customer Experience

Provide accurate wait times, enable online reservation placement, and SMS notifications when the table is ready.


More Convenience

Accept reservations from your website and sync them to your host stand, so you can eliminate overbooking, guesswork, and disorganized seating areas.


Faster Table Turns

Give your host the power manage tables, wait times, servers, and reservations in real-time for optimal table turn rates.


Increased Employee Satisfaction

Evenly spread out seating and reservations, so server rotations are optimized and the host stand stays clear.

Guest List Features

Guest List is a feature-rich system that combines waitlist, guest alerting, table chart, and reservation management into a single easy-to-use interface. Guest List is a flexible, cloud-powered tool that improves accuracy, adds value, and delivers a noteworthy customer experience. Give your staff a better way to record, track, and manage your seating and reservations with this easily configurable, intelligent solution, available through Mercer Sales & Service. Features Include:

Intuitive Visual Floor Plan

Coordinate restaurant operations, evenly spread out reservations, and optimize your seating area with convenient, easy-to-use table visualization.


Take reservations online through your own website or app and send them directly to your host stand, with no reservation fees.

SMS Notifications

Eliminate bulky pagers, and give guests the freedom to roam, knowing they will be sent a text when their table is ready.


Heartland’s smart solution seamlessly integrates with your POS and works on any device running iOS v10 or higher, Android 6 or higher, and Windows 7 or higher.

Drag-n-Drop Icons

Make seating changes in real time, accommodate special seating requests, and reconfigure seating for large groups with ease.

Want to learn more? Contact Mercer Sales & Service to see how Guest List can take your waitlist and reservation management to the next level.